Lawrence Lessig将借助Wiki写作方式修订《代码》一书

Code v. 2

十二月二十四日,Lawrence Lessig 教授在自己的 Blog 上发布了这一消息

明年二月,《代码》中译本)一书将通过 Wiki 形式发布于互联网,所有人都可以对其内容加以更新或者修改。目前 Lessig 正在征集《代码》 Wiki 版的各章“章管”(Chapter Captain),其职责是分工管理该书Wiki版各章的修订工作。

Lessig 预期于明年六月左右(具体时间须参考Wiki写作的进展情况)开始 Wiki 的写作成果进行编辑和改写,最终形成《代码》一书的第二版,新书预计明年秋季出版。与此同时,上述 Wiki 版《代码》将会永远存在于互联网,并且按照 Creative Commons 协议授权公众使用。

Lessig 教授说,他已经把出版商预付给他的《代码》(第二版)稿酬捐给了 Creative Commons,此书未来全部版税收入也将悉数捐赠。

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  1. Yong Liu · 2004-12-26 Reply

    First of all, I highly appreciate the intelligence, innovativity, brightness of Lawrence Lessig; he is a brilliant teacher, lecturer, writer. But he is primartily not a researcher, but at least became at the end a kind of religious leader, a Graham for left (really?) winged communitarists. If you read his recent books, you find a lot of strange ambiguities (for instance, his reflections on commons in the middle age are not too compatible with the historical sources). He mostly does not “know”, but he “believes” – although his “religious” ideas are often not expressed clearly. But people believe in him; he is in fact a genius as to his rhetorics and his presentation.
    remarked by Professor Dr. Thomas Hoeren

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