<em>The New Rambler</em>

The New Rambler

Eric Posner announces The New Rambler:

Announcing The New Rambler, an online review of books. Its mission is to publish high-quality reviews of intellectually ambitious books, in the spirit of The New York Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, and the back half of the (old) New Republic.

Our first few reviews are up. We’ll be adding new reviews every day or two for the next few weeks.

Check out the site, and let one of us know if there is a book that you’d like to review or see reviewed.

鉴于编者所在的智识圈子里有诸多明星学者兼超级写手,此刊必将——如 Cass Sunstein 所说——成为一份“very promising”的在线书评杂志。

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