Mao Zedong

新书讯:《毛:真实故事》[<em>Mao: The Real Story</em>]

新书讯:《毛:真实故事》[Mao: The Real Story]

Mao: The Real Story, by Alexander V. Pantsov & Steven I. Levine. Simon & Schuster 2012. 784 pages. ISBN: 1451654472; 9781451654479. This major new biography of Mao uses extensive Russian documents previously unavailable to biographers to reveal surprising details about Mao’s rise to power and his leadership in China. Mao Zedong was one of the most important figures of the twentieth century, the most important in the history of modern China. A complex figure, he was champion of the poor and brutal tyrant, poet and despot. Pantsov and Levine show Mao’s relentless drive to succeed, vividly describing his growing role…