陈维纲:<em>Confucian Marxism: A Reflection on Religion and Global Justice</em>

陈维纲:Confucian Marxism: A Reflection on Religion and Global Justice

Confucian Marxism: A Reflection on Religion and Global Justice. Brill 2013. ISBN: 9789004228986. Buttressed by an autocratic system, China’s colossal economic growth over the past decades seems to have had the paradoxical effect of undermining the foundation of Western domination but at the same time invigorating Eurocentricism. In particular, it highlights the current relevance of the central conviction of Weber’s Orient: the absence of civic roots in non-Western societies will create a kind of “uncivic” capitalist system in which one has no choice but to seek to compensate for instabilities through authoritarian institutions. Does this mean that the West may…

New Book: <em>Religion without God</em>. By Ronald Dworkin

New Book: Religion without God. By Ronald Dworkin

Religion without God. By Ronald Dworkin. (罗纳德·德沃金:《没有上帝的宗教》) Harvard University Press 2013. ISBN: 9780674726826, 0674726820. 购买@亚马逊 About This Book In his last book, Ronald Dworkin addresses questions that men and women have asked through the ages: What is religion and what is God’s place in it? What is death and what is immortality? Based on the 2011 Einstein Lectures, Religion without God is inspired by remarks Einstein made that if religion consists of awe toward mysteries which “manifest themselves in the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, and which our dull faculties can comprehend only in the most primitive forms,”…