William Domnarski

New Book: Richard Posner. By William Domnarski

Richard Posner. By William Domnarski. Oxford University Press 2016. ISBN: 9780199332311; 0199332312.

  • The first biographical treatment of the enormously influential Judge Richard Posner
  • Author has unprecedented access to Posner, as well as a wealth of relevant interview subjects and material
  • Domnarski examines the life experience, personality, academic career, jurisprudence, and professional relationships of his subject with depth and clarity
  • A comprehensive and accessible account of a unique judge who has dominated the way law is understood in contemporary America

Richard PosnerJudge Richard Posner is one of the great legal minds of our age, on par with such generation-defining judges as Holmes, Hand, and Friendly. A judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and the principal exponent of the enormously influential law and economics movement, he writes provocative books as a public intellectual, receives frequent media attention, and has been at the center of some very high-profile legal spats. He is also a member of an increasingly rare breed-judges who write their own opinions rather than delegating the work to clerks-and therefore we have unusually direct access to the workings of his mind and judicial philosophy.